Sehgal school of competitions : Where students gain self confidence and not just rank!

Sehgal School of Competitions, is a 25 year old Institute helping the students of class IX, X, XI, XII, XII Pass for CBSE+JEE/NEET since 1993. It was started by Mr. Rajender Sehgal, alumni-IIT Delhi, with a vision to help even an average student get into top Engineering & Medical colleges. The mission of the Institute... Continue Reading →

Role of a parent in the success of a student.

Parents have a pivotal role to play in the success of their ward. When we talk of academics, there are 4 pillars responsible for the final result of any student. Firstly, it is the students' IQ and the hard work which he/she puts in, which accounts for almost 70% of the role. Secondly, it is... Continue Reading →

How to score well in Organic Chemistry!

If you wish to score 90% and above in Organic Chemistry, you should follow these guidelines: a) Make your basic concepts related to GOC, Isomerism and Hydrocarbons very clear from any fundamental book and practice lots of questions based upon them. More the exposure of questions, more will be your confidence level. Concentrate on small... Continue Reading →

Time table of a JEE Aspirant!

There cannot be a single time table that can apply to everyone. One has to consider his/her own constraints before making a time table. Also, it needs to be considered, whether we are talking of a XI/XII/Dropper student. So, here we will outline general criterion which should be taken care of while making a time... Continue Reading →

Tips to strengthen Physics for IIT-JEE

Physics is one such subject which requires good conceptual clarity, strong visualisation and sufficient practice to master it. One can follow HC Verma for the first level of preparation for JEE and take it further with practice from DC Pandey for JEE Advanced. If we look at Physics from Chapter wise point of view, one... Continue Reading →

Tips to prepare for Computer based JEE/NEET

These tips will be helpful for the students who are going to appear for  Computer based JEE/NEET for this term. Even though today’s generation is well versed with PC/Tablets/Mobile usage, then also it is important to practice ahead for online exam mode. Take some mock exams in the same environment to familiarize yourself. Start reading... Continue Reading →

Strategy to prepare for NEET 2019

First of all, keep the syllabus prescribed for NEET 2019 handy. Secondly, fix a time table for self study and follow it regularly, without any major changes. Thirdly, NCERT should be the base book along with one reference book per subject, which should be keenly followed. Fourthly, MCQ practice must be self evaluated by tallying... Continue Reading →

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