Tips for IIT-JEE preparation for the students of IXth standard.

Being a student of IXth Standard is the right stage for any student to start preparation for JEE, as there is a stiff competition to get a seat in IIT. One must refer to the right books after suitable recommendation from teachers. Apart from this, you can watch video lectures which can help you to understand better. It is advisable to join a coaching institute from class IX onwards to maintain the track.

You have to initially cover your NCERT for Maths, Science and keep revising the concepts thoroughly. Besides, you have to develop your schedule to practice MCQ’s side by side. Manage your time efficiently by preparing a time table and following it regularly.

It is very important to be disciplined and to stay away from all diversions and distractions. Be mentally tough and keep attempting JSTSE/NTSE/Olympiads/KVPY during the 4 years. You have to develop a competitive mindset and maintain the enthusiasm uninterruptedly for 4 years. You have to be passionate about studies and have a curious mind to develop your logic and stamina. If you are able to maintain your focus and aim, you can definitely achieve a good rank in IIT.

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New Delhi-26.
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