All you need to know about JEE Main 2019

JEE Main 2019 is being conducted by National Testing Agency(NTA) and will be totally online. It will be conducted twice, in January and April 2019. The exam will be taken by 12-13 lakh students from all over India. The criteria of age limit has been removed by NTA for JEE Main 2019. Candidates who have passed their XII in 2017, 2018 or are appearing in 2019 can apply for the exam, irrespective of age.

The system is being developed by NTA such that questions will be randomly picked up by each student, thus ensuring that no two students will get the same set of questions. The question paper will also progress from an easy level to difficult level based on the answers given by the students’.

Candidates who will attempt both January and April exams will have the advantage that the better of the two scores will be considered for ranking purposes.

The pattern will remain same as earlier. It will comprise of 30 questions each on Physics, Chemistry, Maths with +4 marks for every correct answer and -1 mark for every wrong answer, which has to be attempted in 3 hrs. duration

Sehgal School of Competitions
38, Central Market, Ist Floor, West Punjabi Bagh,
New Delhi-26.
9599338288, 8810674693

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