Last minute preparation tips for KVPY 2019!

This year the exam will be held onĀ 3rd Nov 2019. After the Written exam, a Personal Interview will be held, and based on the joint score of Test and Interview, the final merit list will be announced. Syllabus till X/XII respectively will be asked depending upon your class of study. You need to keep in... Continue Reading →


NEET 2019 Analysis

Physics-Around 55% questions were asked from XI Curriculum and 45% from XII Curriculum. There were more questions from Work, Power, Energy and Optics this year, as compared to previous years. The questions asked from Optics, Modern Physics, Electrostatics, Magnetism were of average difficulty whereas questions from Rotation, Heat, EMI were of good level. The questions... Continue Reading →

9 Tips before writing an examination!

First of all, be mentally and physically prepared to appear for the exam. Don't exert yourself. Revise formulas only on the eve of the exam. Don't take up anything new at this time. No late night revisions to be done on exam eve. Don't discuss your preparation with friends at this stage. Carry all the... Continue Reading →

Analysis of “JEE Mains 2019”

JEE Main 2019-I attempt was held from 9th to 12th January 2019 in Online format with 2 shifts per day. Mathematics paper was lenghty and a bit tricky. Around 40% questions were asked from XI and approx 54% from XII. 6% questions were from mixed topics of XI+XII. Physics paper was comparatively difficult and lengthy.... Continue Reading →

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